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Expiry Rates Providing: Novotick delivers trusted expiry rates to Trading operators. Expiry rates are calculated according to rates delivered by a number of trusted and independent providers.

Historical feeds

  • Tick Data: Novotick offers quotes from a great variety of providers, together with all-the-time backup. At Novotick our price is better because we average the prices.
  • Intraday Volatility: At Novotick we have at our disposal a large amount of relevant data which in combination with our extensive expertise in supplying financial instruments volatility, make it possible for us to offer better pricing for short-term financial instruments.
  • Deviation in Prices – At Novotick we have available all the necessary data and we know exactly  how much we need to make a deviation according to what happens on the market.
  • Trading Behavior – Novotick holds all the necessary information to predict Trading Behavior according to ongoing and special events.
  • Real-time quotes
  • Balancing within a huge network – At Novotick we have a huge trading network where we perform balancing so that we can provide more quality quotes from more traders.
  • Price Optimization – The Novotick team performs constant optimization of the prices.
  • Non-Spike: At Novotick we have a lot of providers and an outstanding-quality management system, so there are no spikes.
  • Stable Quotes – Providing superior quality is Novotick’s primary goal, therefore our quotes are not delayed and don’t crash.



Liquidity Providing: Novotick helps delivers liquidity across the entire spectrum of Trading products designed to deliver outstanding investment performance by protecting capital, mitigating risks and ensuring overall operating efficiency.




  • Quote Monitoring : The Novotick team performs constant monitoring of the quotes’ integrity.
  • Deals Monitoring: At Novotick we perform constant monitoring of deals in order to prevent fraud and secure integrity.
  • Setting and receiving alerts – Novotick has an advanced alerting system which allows to set which alerts to receive.


Deal Management

Asset Management: At Novotick we monitor the performance of the financial instruments all the time and we act according to what is good and beneficial.

Trading hours setting – The Novotick team monitor the financial instruments in accordance to the working times of different markets.


Risk Management

Setting Exposure Limitations – The experts from Novotick monitor risk exposure according to individual preferences and on special occasions we make hedging.

Trading rules – Novotick’s team is very precise and meticulous about setting trading rules. Individual rules can be set and applied for specific trading actions and traders can perform certain activities according to the rules.

Fraud Preventions – Novotick’s team of highly trained and experienced professionals work with utmost care and effort to prevent fraud.