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Due to the rapid expansion of the Trading industry over the last years, the market has faced the challenge of living up to the dynamics of the environment. Thus, Trading operators are constantly on the search for an efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution to answer their needs.

Established by the founders of the Trading industry, Novotick is a leading Trading service provider offering superior business value to Trading businesses globally.

Novotick features a rich portfolio of services such as pricing, data and monitoring services. The goal is to equip operators with the tools to step ahead of competition and meet and exceed the highest market standards.

Expiry Rates Providing


Novotick delivers trusted expiry rates to Trading operators. Expiry rates are calculated according to rates delivered by a number of trusted and independent providers.


Risk Management


Novotick offers a variety of risk management models delivered by experienced professionals. We comply to the highest standards in order to serve the needs of our clients in risk leveraging.


Liquidity Providing


Novotick helps delivers liquidity across the entire spectrum of Trading products designed to deliver outstanding investment performance by protecting capital, mitigating risks and ensuring overall operating efficiency.


Trading Support

Novotick supplies Trading Support Desk which serves the information needs of our clients. We employ excellently educated professional staff who offer support on all kinds of trading issues.


Novotick offers a full spectrum of Trading industry consulting services. We are always there to provide outstanding-quality professional consulting in all possible areas such as new product launch, procedure establishment and many others.


Media Solutions

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